White Trousers

This year I fell in love with white trousers. They are so versatile, you can literally wear them with everything; black, colour and even white (which I love!). In my head white trousers were really hard to style and make you look like someone from another world but oh what a big mistake. They are wonderful and I wish I could wear them all year long.

I find wider ones more flattering than skinny ones and let’s be honest they are a bit lighter in this heatwave (yep still going strong here in Switzerland and I love it). I found these in H&M the last time I went to London and immediately knew that they were coming back with me. I think that they look really chic but they are the comfiest trousers ever. And even if it is already late summer, I feel like they would look awesome with a bit of layering in fall, so I am really looking forward to wearing them in the next couple of months. Who said white trousers are only for summer?

As I am not that used to wearing white, I must admit that I am always a bit afraid to spill something and I inspect every surface where I want to sit down a million times to make sure that it is – more or less – clean and that the trousers don’t change colour. A little update: they are still white.

TROUSERS: H&M – TEE: Monki – LOAFERS: Topshop  NECKLACES: Missoma