Wearing Glasses

As I am spending quite some time in front of a screen, I often end up with a headache and tired eyes. It was when I stumbled across an article about blue light that I realised that we’re always hearing people say to protect ourselves from the sun but what about the light coming from our screens? It is still pretty new so there aren’t many studies about how it affects our health but I decided to give blue light glasses a try to see if it helps with my constant headaches and itchy eyes.

I bought these from Ace & Tate and think that they look great. You can buy any glasses and add the blue light filter for 20£ which I think is a great idea, just be aware that they are a bit yellow. They have loads of different styles, anybody can find a pair they like. I now always wear them when I am working on my laptop and can definitely see a difference at the end of the day. My eyes don’t feel as tired and my head isn’t about to explode anymore. Is it just my mind playing tricks on me? Maybe but at least I have the impression that it makes a difference. It can only be beneficial so I think it’s worth giving it a go.