Vintage Blazer

- 1997 -

With the whole sustainability issue in fashion, I have discovered my love for charity shops. They are all over London and if you take a bit of time you can find amazing pieces. Some brand new ones and some old ones still in amazing conditions, like this Armani blazer I recently found. I absolutely love the vintage fit of it, I mean look at those padded shoulders. 

Charity shops are a great way to buy ‘new’ clothes without contributing to fast fashion and taking climate change a bit more seriously. The thought of giving clothes a second life is great. There’s something so mysterious about it, not knowing where the pieces come from, what story they have. It instantly makes a plain top way more special.

A couple of weeks ago when I walked around East London, I found a receipt from the dry-cleaner in the pocket. A little pink ticket from 1997. See what I said about the story of a piece of clothing; the blazer is older than me. And just to make you envious of the good ol’ days; the price on the receipt was only £4. If someone has a place that still does the prices of 20 years ago, please shout!

I think giving a second life to clothes is the only way forward. And to be honest, I love going into shops and having no idea what I might find. Is it a vintage blazer, a cool leather jacket or a brand new piece with the price tag still hanging waiting to be picked up by a new person.  You never know what you could find and that’s the most exciting part of it all.

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