Thoughts On The Capsule Wardrobe

- And Transitioning Into Spring -

Hello beautiful people, I hope that everyone is doing well. As I am three months into my capsule wardrobe, I thought that I would give you a little update on how things are getting on. I must admit that it still needs a bit of getting used to. It felt like I have been wearing the same outfits on repeat and haven’t experimented as much as I could have. Was it a winter fashion rut or the capsule wardrobe? I don’t know but one thing is clear; I can’t wait to pack away the big sweaters and get out *very optimistic* all the dresses and skirts.

Although I have done a bit of shopping, I have thought way more before buying new things. I haven’t bought anything that I wasn’t 100% sure about and really made sure that everything could be easily combined to create a whole range of different outfits. It includes *a lot* of neutral colours, which I am loving. The new buys were some basic things that every wardrobe needs, a Breton top, a white cardigan, a beige blazer, a pleated skirt. Okay, maybe not that essential.

Now that the weather has massively improved and the days are getting warmer, I feel like there is much more space to experiment and try new things with some new finds and old loved pieces.

Here are some pieces I really want to get my hands on for the upcoming season; a neck scarf, an oversized striped shirt, linen trousers, wide shorts and a midi dress. I feel like these are some timeless pieces and I will make sure to leave it quite neutral.

SKIRT: Arket – SWEATER: Paloma Wool – LOAFERS: Weejuns – JEWELLERY: Missoma