Things I Have Learned After One Year In A Big City


Living in London, there’s no end to the ways to fill your days; museums, parks, exhibitions, and countless cafés and restaurants. You can meet people but also easily have a date with yourself, going to the cinema on your own or taking yourself for a nice lunch in the sun. London life is limitless and here are some things that I have learned after spending the last 12 months falling in love with the city-lifestyle a little more everyday.

01. You can be whoever you want to be. Nobody is going to judge you, whether you have a french-german accent or go out in your pyjama, people just go on with their day and don’t even care about you. Which for someone who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight is perfect.

02. London weather is unpredictable. I know, everyone says it’s always raining in the UK but to be honest, it rains a little for one hour a day and then you’re left with the most amazing sunshine again. Most of the days you get to see a bit of every season in a single day.

03. Bad days are the worst and good days are the best. Did I lose you? Listen! One thing I definitely noticed was that when you’re feeling a bit down, you’re going to feel like the world is going to end, lonely, hopeless and disgusting. It’s part of the rushed city-life I guess. And whilst I love it most days, sometimes it can get a bit too much. On a positive note though, good days ( which are way more frequent) are going to feel like the best days in your life. I lost count of the number of times I walked around the city feeling like the luckiest human alive. For one bad day, you get about 10 amazing ones so don’t be scared it’s worth it!

04. Everything becomes smaller. I remember walking around London the first time I came to visit. It felt so huge and out of control. It now feels like a familiar small town. Sure there’s still so much to explore but it isn’t as overwhelming as it once was anymore. Streets that were scary at first are now part of the daily commute. Tube and bus journeys also feel so much shorter now that I know exactly which ones take me to my destination.

05. ‘I am bored’ is a sentence that doesn’t really make sense anymore. With the number of museums, cafés, exhibitions, events, and markets, it’s hard to get bored. There’s always something to see, somewhere to go, someplace to explore. The options are endless. And it often seems like everything might be possible.

12 months ago, I came to London and I was scared I would miss home, miss my friends, my family, and my routine. But it has been the best year of my life so far. Meeting new people, discovering new places and becoming independent. It was a huge boost in confidence to see that I can manage my life on my own. My gap year is officially over and I am starting uni which I couldn’t be more excited about, finally! I am so excited to see what this year has to offer!

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