The Summer Product Everyone Needs


Last year in New York my mom bought this face mist from Fresh. And ever since, I loved going back to Switzerland and spritz a bit on my face after cleansing. It smells divine and the feeling is heavenly. You know when you get a really light mist on your skin and think ‘this is exactly what I needed’ well, combine that with a citrusy scent. I know it sounds great but trust me it feels even better. 

So yeah after dreaming about it for a long time and always looking forward to using my mom’s, she bought me my own for my birthday. It’s not the cheapest product but it lasts for ages and definitely elevates your whole skincare routine, making your skin damper, moisturized and ready for the day. The mist is also great to respritz a bit during the day when you start to feel a bit sweaty and gross. It will instantly give your that little bit of radiance and glow.