The Spot-Saver You Need

- We all have been there! -

I think I am safe to say that everyone knows the feeling of an annoying spot hurting more than anything, seriously sometimes a stupid spot hurts more than cutting your finger or something. Well I had this feeling last week and it wasn’t great! This post isn’t going to be the most glamourous one that I’ve ever written but let’s be real and talk about the things everyone suffers from. Okay so let’s go back to this spot on my chin, it was there for a long time, never hurting, never really there but still there. Then one evening I thought that I got it and that the battle was over but oh I was so wrong, the next day my whole chin hurt so bad that it was hard to speak. Then I thought about my beloved Aesop Spot Control and put it on, again and again. In the evening I got everything out and the next morning after putting on the magical stuff, it wasn’t even red or inflamed. Everything was healing well and the pain was hardly there anymore.  

I loved this product since the first time using it but after this blemish it really convinced me. It is a gel like formula and really helps to soothe the skin when you have spots. It contains Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid and other key ingredients helping to fight those spots as well as botanicals. I use it every time I feel like I am breaking out or I have broken out and want to get rid of it and for me it works wonders. It is still my first tube and you don’t need a lot of it, it will last very long which is great.

It has a bit of a gel-like glue formula which is invisible so perfect to put on day and night. You can instantly feel your skin soothing and healing, the blemishes won’t be as irritated as usual.

I never had bad acne but I have those annoying spots coming from time to time, hurting and getting bigger everyday where I have this feeling that everybody is just looking at my spot, so this product really is a life-safer for me. I feel like it does a great job at getting rid of all the bacteria and dirt.