The Little Things

Sometimes It's All About Small Pleasures

Sometimes it’s just nice to put everything aside and think about the little things in life. Small pleasures that make a day more special. Starting to appreciate the little things and taking the time to acknowledge them is so important in our busy lives. Taking a break and stop with whatever we’re doing, pressing pause to think about these little pleasures.

01. Fresh bed linen – I don’t think there’s anything nicer than curling up into a freshly made bed. The scent of washed linen and the feeling of smooth sheets on your skin.

02. Finding the perfect book – one that you can’t put down and want to grab as soon as you have a spare minute. One that follows you for a long time after reading it.

03. The smell of coffee in the morning – I know, there probably isn’t a single post without me mentioning coffee at least once. I think this is something a lot of people agree with; entering a coffee shop and smelling the freshly ground beans is a dream. Followed by the first sip of velvety deliciousness.

04. Waking up to sunshine – being a person whose mood is really affected by the weather, seeing the sun first thing in the morning is the key to a good day. I love seeing the sun trying to make its way into the room through the blinds. Seeing the shadows dance on the walls guarantees a good start.

05. The feeling of exfoliated skin – I live for the feeling of a smooth exfoliated skin. It instantly makes me feel cleaner and more relaxed.

06. Buying fresh flowers – going to Columbia Road Flower market early on a Sunday morning is one of the many things I absolutely love about London. Making my way through the stands, finding what flowers you want and bringing them home to arrange them in different vases is the best Sunday morning activity.

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