The Lip Treatment

I wanted to integrate this lip balm into another post but I thought that it helped me so much that I just needed to dedicate a whole blog post to it. This Lip balm by Dr. Lipp is a life saver, trust me! Don’t let the name ‘Nipple balm’ scare you.  I tried a lot of different things on my lips and nothing ever really worked. Carmex, Check! Vaseline, Check! Kiehl’s, Check! Neutrogena, Check! Well, you get it, as soon as the colder months approach, my lips love to get dry and crackle when I just move my mouth to smile, nice!


I went to Space N.K a couple of weeks ago because there was an offer when you spend 60£ you get 15£ off, of course I had to go! I got other bits and bobs and wasn’t even going for that lip balm, when I wanted to pay I was one pound away from the 60 and then I was recommended to take this balm instead of the other one that I had chosen and oh I am so glad!



Like I said before, I always have dry lips which makes it really hard to wear lipstick and to be honest it doesn’t look really nice. I put this on in the evening and the next morning I saw a huge difference, after one day of applying it,  my lips were so soft which they haven’t been in a while. The texture is pretty thick but you don’t end up with those sticky lips that attract your hair by the next little breeze.  You can really go a few hours without reapplying it, for me it lasts the whole night. Did I already mention that it also works great as a lip base before you apply your lipstick, which I can finally wear again.



So if you’re like me and you suffer from chapped and sore lips, this is the thing you need, it is 100% natural which is also a plus! The lovely girl at Space N.K told me that you can literally use it for everything,  dry lips, cuticles, breastfeeding, lipstick primer,…  I love this product and feel like it is going to last me a pretty long time as you don’t need a lot of it and it stays well on the lips, keeping them smooth and lovely.