The Fragrance Of Dreams

- SANTAL 33 -

Scents have the power to bring back memories. Smelling something familiar transports you right back to a memorable moment; whether it is the smell of a meal that your grandmother cooked when you were a child, a perfume that you associate to a person or a scent reminding you of that fancy hotel lobby.

Prada Candy will always remind me of cold winter days, Roberto Cavalli of the first days of Spring, Jil Sander Sun of summer holidays. Now I am onto my next adventure with a new scent – Santal 33 – which hopefully will always remind me of the good and bad days of my London life. Le Labo makes you feel like something special, giving you the feeling that you have the power to achieve pretty much everything.

The memories associated to this perfume already start in the shop, choosing the right scent, the preparation of the formula in front of you, the customisation of the bottle and the excitement to use it for the first time – having to wait a few days before using it is a torture. The whole experience is wonderful and I will never forget buying this perfume on a cold day with my mom. Testing them all on me and choosing the right one – which was pretty hard.

Choosing the perfume that is going to become your signature scent is quite a challenge, especially when they all smell so amazing. I was between Thé Noir and Santal 33. And in the end, I went for the latter, really looking forward to picking up the bottle and infuse myself with the woody, musky scent every single morning. Always bringing me back to the day I bought it and I can’t wait to see what other memories are going to be associated with it.

So here is the start of a new adventure and hopefully a bright future.