The Face Masks I Love

– Hello Glow –

Who doesn’t love a good face mask? The feeling after is just the best, it is like being a newborn and having the most amazing skin in the world. It almost feels like having some kind of superpowers. There is a face mask for everyone and everything, whether you have dry, oily, dull skin or enlarged pores, you will find something that will do wonders (or something just pretending to – hello black mask that tears your skin apart and does nothing to the pores). The whole ritual is fun, applying the mask, leaving it on while watching something on Netflix with a glass of fizz (or more likely just sipping on a good ol’ cuppa) and finally washing it off, feeling the instant results. Whether it’s in the morning, the evening or overnight, like I said there is something for everyone so no excuses! 

Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque

When you need some glow – I LOVE this mask, it gives you an instant glow. This is perfect when you had a night out and one too many drinks, put this on and you are good to go looking fresh and glowy. I like to put a rather thick layer on my skin and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. When you wash it off you even get a gentle exfoliation from the cranberry seeds which is nice.

Kiehl’s Ginger Lead and Hibiscus Firming Mask

For smoother and firmer skin – I got this sample last time I went to Kiehl’s and was a bit sceptical about it. I never really tried an overnight mask before, probably because I thought that in the morning there will be more product on my pillow than on my face but oh was I wrong. This mask is a life changer and I have to go back and buy the biggest size available. The first thing is the thick consistency and the amazing smell! It instantly feels great on the skin and dries really quickly so you don’t have to fear that it will be everywhere. The next morning I often forget that I have used it the night before but as soon as I wash my face I feel the difference, smooth and even skin. Love it! And the best thing; you just have put it on like a moisturizer and wash it off, done.

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

When your skin needs a little clear up – I use this when I feel like my skin really needs some purification. I love the little tea leaf bits inside that exfoliate your skin when rinsing it off. It tingles a little when you put it on so you instantly feel like it is doing it’s job. The scent is stronger than other clay masks that I have used and it can make your skin feel a bit dry but I love it for a deep clean.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

When you need another deep clean –  this one is similar to the Body Shop one but at the same time completely different. It is smoother and doesn’t feel so “harsh” on the skin. I really like to use this once or twice a week when I feel like I am breaking out. It minimizes the pores and doesn’t leave you with a dry skin. It is a bit difficult to wash off so a face cloth is very welcome. I have it in a travel size which is perfect when I am travelling as I feel like with the stress my skin likes to break out.