The Drink You Need Before Summer Ends

Just a little refreshment

In summer, all we want is a cold drink that is refreshing and light, this wine spritzer is perfect and the easiest thing to make. It doesn’t require any fancy alcohol or mixing skills, just a few simple ingredients and you have a wonderful summer sip.

My mom first introduced me to this cocktail and I love it, it is light and fizzy but still has the taste of wine. You can also make it for a crowd on a BBQ and I bet you everyone will fall in love. It is more exciting than just pouring wine in a glass and it looks nicer. I began to drink it this summer and I can already tell you that now summer isn’t complete without this drink and it will probably become your go to summer drink too. If you don’t like these overly sweet cocktails this one is the perfect drink on a warm summer evening spent with some friends (and another reason to make it, the bottle will last longer).

I love to add in a lemon slice and some mint as it gives the whole thing a nice kick and brings some colour. If you don’t want to use ice cubes, a nice thing to do is to freeze some grapes and use them instead. In my opinion it is just as good as any other cocktail and very nice refreshment after a hot summer day.

You need

  • White wine
  • Sparkling water
  • Slice of lemon
  • Mint
  • Ice cubes


Mix one part of wine with two parts of sparkling water. 

Add in the lemon, mint and ice cubes and you are ready for an amazing drink.