5 Sustainable Clothing Brands


Sustainability is probably the buzz word of 2019. Whether it is in the fashion, food or beauty industry. You can see a lot of brands trying to make an effort to be more sustainable and many new emerging ones doing great things.

Fashion is one of the biggest polluters in the world right now. As the industry grows faster than ever, the impact on the environment is becoming bigger and bigger. It causes a lot of damage to our planet, the industry pollutes and consumes a lot of water and all the chemicals used to farm cotton have a big impact on the health of the farmers and the environment. Only 15% of our clothes are recycled, the rest going to landfill. We can definitely do something against it and now is the time for some change in the industry.

Trying to opt for more eco-friendly materials like linen, hemp and local wool is a good start. And if you think that wearing more sustainable clothes will make you look like Frankie from Grace and Frankie, you’re completely wrong. It doesn’t have to include hemp shoes and oversized tunics. To prove you that you don’t have to give up nice clothes to be more sustainable, here are some of my favourite brands that make a major effort to save our planet and change the future of fashion.

Laundromat – I haven’t bought anything from there yet but my wishlist from their website is *long*. The clothes look so good and their pictures are just dreamy. Their collections are inspired by vintage clothes and their warmest memories, everything made to last and bring you joy for several years. The Australian brand is quite new but I am sure that their future is bright!

Everlane – Probably my favourite sustainable brand at the moment. The things are quite affordable and the quality is great. They are completely transparent, so you know exactly where your clothes are coming from and they share the true cost of their products. They now ship to the UK so I don’t have to go to New York to get my hands on some of their amazing clothes. The pieces are not designed to tick all the latest trend boxes, the simplicity of their clothes make them wearable for years.

Stay Wild Swim – If you are looking for a sustainable swimwear brand, look no further, the answer is right here. Zanna and Natalie are the founders of this amazing brand. The fibre is made from recycled ocean waste such as plastic, fishing nets and unwanted fabric. Everything is recyclable and their aim is to create a circular production system, avoiding any waste. All the pieces are made and designed in London which is another positive point. The swimwear is simple but so beautiful, so instead of buying a new set each summer, invest in one of these pieces and be prepared to look amazing on your next beach holidays.

Reformation – Think floral dresses, super cute blouses and overall a fashionable brand contributing to a better, more sustainable fashion industry. They use vintage clothes and surplus fabric to make their clothes, everything looking trendy and you can wear them without the guilt. They consider everything from the hangers to the supply chain to have the smallest impact on the planet.

Veja – A shoe brand that is currently going viral and having a huge moment. I have already written a post about them so I won’t go into too much detail. It is an amazing sustainable sneaker brand that looks great and gives you that little bit of good consciousness at every step you take.

These are just a few brands that I really like and think are doing amazing things to offer beautiful clothes but without the huge impact on the planet. In an ideal world, every brand would be more eco-conscious and fast-fashion wouldn’t be a thing but as we don’t live in this world, we can take little steps to improve the over-consumption and buy less but better quality clothes.

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