Sustainable Christmas Wrapping

Christmas is all about presents. We spend so much time wrapping things in nice sparkly paper, sticking the corners together with sticky plastic and decorating everything with coloured ribbons. During this time of the year there is a huge amount of waste, not only food waste but also from gifts.

There are a few little steps that you can make to be a bit more sustainable this year. Don’t worry the present will look just as great as with the sparkly Santa Klaus wrapping paper.

1. Use recyclable wrapping paper and get crafty. It is usually the plain brown one and works out to be cheaper than the glittery ones. To make sure that the paper is recycled, scrunch it, if it scrunches you are all good. If it doesn’t, don’t buy it!

2. Get rid of the plastic sticky tape and get recycled brown paper sticky tape instead which is recyclable.

3. Try to use natural twine instead of your multicoloured plastic based ribbons.

4. Reuse old paper bags or use bags that can be reused for other purposes, tote bags from museums or shops can be a nice way to give presents and it works as a present itself. 

5. Don’t throw out your newspapers, you can wrap your presents in it and it can look amazing!

6. Don’t use name tags, just write on the brown paper.

7. Instead of stickers and bows, decorate the gifts with dried oranges, dried apples, cinnamon sticks, foliage, Christmas tree sprigs, …

8. Use boxes or baskets to put the presents in. You can find pretty cheap ones everywhere right now.

Like I said, just some easy changes you can make this year to be a bit more sustainable and do something good for the planet without having to give up the joy of opening presents and having a (good or bad) surprise. I think that the brown paper looks way better and more expensive looking than coloured one. Just get crafty and have fun.