Summer Reading List


Despite having a – rather big – pile of unread books waiting for me to pick them up and turn the pages, I craved going into a bookshop and buy a few new ones. I remember being a child and going to bookshops with my mum before going on Summer holidays ( this was before Kindles existed and you had to carry 5 books in your suitcase leaving you with only the other half for clothes). If going to bookshops and browsing around is a hobby, it must be one of my favourite ones; walking around silently and touching all the covers (I might disappoint you but I judge a book by its cover, I know, this is a bad habit!).

As it is now officially summer, I thought there’s no better time to make a little list of all the books I want to read sitting in the sun sipping on an overpriced iced – almond – latte. (Yes, you pay even more when you want a few ice cubes in your coffee). Okay so that’s enough rambling Franzi, just get to the point now…

This is probably very optimistic but I can’t wait to discover these new books. I’ve heard great things about some of them and really want to make up my own opinion. What are your favourite books? Do you have a recommendation that I could add to my – already way too long – list?