Solo Trip

On the 10th of March I am off to Australia for a month. It has been on my mind for a long time and I always thought that I’ll go after uni but I have a month off in March and desperately need some sun and a break from the city. So here I am, a week away from my first big solo trip. I have been to European cities by myself but I guess it’s not quite the same experience.

I can’t wait to just sit in cafés – Australia has some of the best coffee apparently – read good books, go to exhibitions and museums, explore the streets and lie by the beach for endless hours. Seeing the sun rise and set and be more present during the whole trip. It’s not going to be a massive culture shock but having so many beaches close to me, living a different lifestyle away from my routine and being in a different time zone is going to make this trip a proper break from everything.

When planning this trip, the hardest part was figuring out how long to spend in each location. As I have never been before, I don’t know where I’d like it the most so I decided to do roughly a week everywhere to get a feeling of each place and then decide what is and is not worth it ( to be fair I think I’ll love it everywhere). 

I am starting with a week in Melbourne, getting there with a short layover in Singapore. From there I am flying to Sydney. My Airbnb is super close to the city centre and a short drive away from Bondi. It’s also Art Month in the city so there are loads of exhibitions everywhere. I am staying there for a little more than a week.

Then I am flying to Byron, ready to spend my days by the beaches and read books. The last destination is the Gold Coast.  It’s only a 2 hour train journey to get there from Byron.  My flight back is from Brisbane so I just planned to stay there for one night to be a bit closer to the airport. This is the last thing that I need to book, everything else is ready and planned. 

I could probably just bring my Kindle and it would be so much smarter and saving a lot of space but I just want to have a physical book with me. It’s just a different experience. Here are some books I have saved for this trip, maybe it’s going to change as I will not bring them all with me but it’s a list I can get back to when I need a new read during the trip. 

I don’t have an exact schedule written down or something like that as I want to do what I feel like in the moment. There are things that I really really want to do though and shops/ cafés I want to visit. I’m so excited to see new brands and things we don’t get here in Europe. I feel like this trip is going to be so inspiring just by seeing new things, meeting new people and being offline from the people in Europe for the majority of the time.

I will definitely post more content of this trip and go through all the good places for each destination, be prepared for a lot of travel diaries. And let me know if you have any recommendations for Australia, things to know before, cool cafés, bars, restaurants and museums. Everything basically.