Samples Review 01


Anyone else loves getting samples? I love trying out new skincare products and sometimes it’s nice to get a little bit of a product to see how it works on your skin before getting the whole tub. On days where I have nothing to do, I find myself browsing around Liberty’s or Selfridges and asking for samples of products I am interested in.

First, it saves you a lot of money and second you can try way more things. So I thought why not share my experience with some of the products and let you guys know which ones are worth buying and which ones you should leave on the shelves. So here are my thoughts on some I’ve recently tested.

Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream | Kiehl’s

I loved this cream. It was the perfect combination of light and rich enough to keep your skin hydrated. The consistency is great and I am really thinking about getting the big one.

Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream | Sisley

I was really looking forward to trying this moisturizer as I’ve heard so many things about it. It’s way more pricey than I would ever go for but I wanted to see what all the hype was about. And to be honest, I am not convinced. It is definitely good but nothing spectacular for this price range. There are, in my opinion, better options that won’t alarm your Monzo account.

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate | Kiehl’s

This concentrate is the newest addition to the Kiehl’s family and it is a great one. It’s formulated to reduce redness and help with congested skin. As my skin wasn’t great over the last couple of weeks, I used mainly this product and really felt that it was calming my skin. I know they had problems getting the product to Europe because of the ingredients so I wonder how it is with travelling?!


Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask | Fresh

It’s definitely a good mask. Is it the best I have ever used? No. I wouldn’t buy it, probably because I didn’t like the little bits in it that were a bit hard to wash off. I’ve used other masks leaving me with a more radiant skin.

Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Aqua Gel SPF50 | Kiehl’s

Am I the only one really struggling to find a good daily SPF? I had the Glossier one that I loved and purchased the Roche Posay one which made my skin break out. I haven’t seen any bad results with this new one from Kiehl’s. It’s really lightweight and feels nice on the skin. No break outs, no greasy/ oily skin, no white streaks. It’s a good one!

Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream | Ren

A BIG YES. If you’re after radiant skin, which let’s be real, who isn’t?! This cream is the one for you. I loved it so much and unfortunately used it up but it earned a place on my skincare wishlist!