Quick Shower Routine

– Quick and efficient… –

I love a piping hot shower. Especially in winter, I could spend hours under the warm water. I know, it’s not good for the planet nor for my skin but well I do have a special place for them in my heart. What more can I say?!

My showers can take as little as 3 minutes to as long as 15 (20-ish) minutes. Most mornings I am quite quick but sometimes it’s just nice to feel philosophical under the water flow.

To be honest, there’s nothing too exciting happening in this routine but I thought that this daily lineup deserves a place on here just because it is so efficient and makes me feel like a new person every single day. So let me show you my daily roundup…

For hair, I have written a whole post about how I keep mine healthy and blonde here. Switching up shampoo every time seems to be beneficial for my hair. I recently got the Mother Dirt shampoo and am positively surprised at how good it is. Once or twice a week I like to rebalance my scalp with the Gallinée Serum.

Body-wise, I am really not that fussy with my shower gels, I buy whatever is on offer, treating myself to a nicer one ever now and then. At the moment I use a foaming gel and this one, both of them reminding me of summer holidays.

I then shave with the Gillette soap cushion shaver which is my absolute fave. I want to change them though as they are really bad for the environment and the price lets you think they are made out of gold. So any recs are welcome! Next, I buff my feet with a pumice stone (a word I had to google as I had no idea how they are called). They basically help to get rid of the dry skin. Even though mine is nice and pink, there’s absolutely nothing glamorous about it and therefore no picture of it. You’re welcome.

Once or twice a week, I exfoliate my face with the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Exfoliator and love the feeling. A lot of people are against physical exfoliators but I think they are nice from time to time.

When I am done with all the steps, I shower with *cold* water. It definitely not the nicest thing to do and whilst you feel the cold water on your skin you want to scream but then it feels heavenly. It takes some time to get used to and I would suggest not starting with the coldest setting. Begin with your feet and work your way up. It has a lot of benefits including boosting your immune system.

One thing I can’t live without and don’t understand how anyone can is body lotion. Moisturising my skin is essential in the routine and can’t live without it as my body starts to itch as soon as I put my clothes on. I have repurchased this Neutrogena one as it feels very nice and light on the skin.