Podcasts For Everyone

– The ones you have to listen to –

I recently really got into listening to podcasts, I love the fact that you can walk around and learn things at the same time. At the moment I’d rather listen to a podcast than to music and there are a lot that I love. When I heard people saying that they listen to podcasts I thought ‘how boring, I would never like to listen to people talking’ but now I love it and hardly go out without listening to something, from beauty to fashion to news. You can find everything whether you like a good crime podcast, something more science-based or about beauty and fashion. It makes your morning commute more exciting and you won’t even notice that you are walking around as you jump into another world listening to amazing stuff.


This pop-culture/ News podcast is definitely on top of my list. If you are into podcasts, you have probably heard of it. The two hosts, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton talk from books to the Kardashians to political issues. Everything is covered and it is much more than just listening to the weekly news. You will have a whole lot of different topics covered and it never gets boring, the book recommendations are always great and will probably make you want to read more.


Hosted by Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin,  they talk about their weekly finds; shopping, food, TV and covering different topics each time. They chat about pretty much everything from their favourites to the things they hated. They are also hosting guests discussing things from activism to money. Listening to this podcast feels like chatting with two good friends over a cup of tea and living the best granny life. There is a lot of laughing and good vibes and you will always feel good after listening to it.


If you like interiors, go and listen. If you like listening to great people being interviewed about their businesses or life go and listen. If you like beauty, go and listen.  Just go and listen because this podcast is really inspiring and lets you discover the behind the scenes of great people and their businesses. You will feel like being in their living room and talking about a lot of different topics, letting you feel inspired and full of new ideas afterwards. The two bloggers; Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles go to the homes of their guests and talk interior, building a business, motherhood and beauty. It always depends on which guest is interviewed but you never get bored listening to it. Another plus is that when you listen to it on the A-Cast App you can see pictures of the guests’ homes which is really nice.


This one is a bit different than the previous ones but Ella and her husband cover topics from mental health to the impact of our diets on the environment. They have really good guests and you definitely learn a lot whilst listening to it. Every episode is packed with interesting information and facts. They also talk about how they built the ‘Deliciously Ella’ brand – which is huge in the UK – and how it has grown in the last couple of years.


Hosted by Estee Lalonde a Canadian YouTuber and blogger living in London, this podcast is all about important topics such as mental health, contraception, break-ups and friendship. Her audience calls her to ask questions about the topics which are then answered during the episode with the guest. You will probably get the answers to the questions you always had in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The nice thing about it, is that you have ‘real’ people calling and asking things about their struggles in life which you can probably relate to and see that you are not alone with your problems. Estee and her guests always have good advice for every kind of struggle and you will definitely feel better and reassured after listening to it.


 – The Sunday Social –

This one is pretty new but I loved  the few episodes that I have listened to until now. Lucy Moon also a London-based blogger invites other bloggers/ influencer to talk about diet, the future of blogging and online activism. Again, a lot of different topics covered and packed with interesting information from the point of view of the people working in the industry.

A lot of these podcasts are very similar because they include a lot of different topics but every single one of them is unique in its own way and no episode is like the other. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do and let me know which podcasts you like to listen to.