Playing This Spring


I am currently sitting in one of my favourite cafés in Angel and looking out the window. People are so happy and life just seems so much better. Spring has finally arrived and everyone gets out to enjoy the first real rays of sunshine of the year. Flowers are bursting out of the ground and the trees turn into hues of white, pink and red. Everyone and everything comes alive after months of grey, cold and miserable weather. A huge wave of inspiration has made its way to me and I instantly feel so much more creative again, slowly getting out of the rut I had the last couple of months

Everything feels so much easier and better again. It is like a mute black and white movie just turned into colour with the most amazing songs playing in the background. Here are some of my favourite ones that I probably listen on repeat for a decade now but they never get old and maybe they will brighten up your spring even more. Enjoy!