Jardin Du Palais Royal

- A Stroll Around The Garden -

You know when you walk past a shop in a rush, see something and just know deep in your heart that you need that item in your life?! Just me? Probably already happened to all of us. 

We all know by now that I am a *loyal* fan of &Other Stories and nearly half of my wardrobe consists of their pieces. They just nail it every season, bringing all the latest trends at reasonable prices. I love how they divide their collections in different ateliers. This dress is from their toile collection and I absolutely love the print, not too much but still enough to make it a special dress. 

So the love story with this dress started in London and only intensified in Paris. The high neck makes it a perfect piece for fall and for someone who doesn’t particularly love to have their arms out, the balloon sleeves are the perfect touch. I am usually not a big print kinda girl but this one is so subtle and chic and goes very well with the shape of the dress. There’s something so special about this dress that I can’t put into words, I love it. The plissé detail with the balloon arms and the neck have made their way to my heart. 

Now, let’s just quickly talk about these shoes, I think I’ve never worn more comfortable shoes (and cheaper ones on that matter). They’re the basic Muji ones for £24 and I can’t recommend them enough. They also come in black and a nice navy blue that I have my eye on.

DRESS: & Other Stories – SHOES: Muji