I still have some marks from spots left on my cheeks, they have been there for a few years now and even though they have faded a lot already, I still feel super self-conscious without any make-up. I just want to be able to leave the house with a bit of concealer and have even skin without marks – but who doesn’t?!

The REN toner has already helped massively and I still love it as much as in the beginning, recommending it to everyone. But I have recently found the Liz Earle CICA Paste and absolutely love it. Skin pastes have kind of a big moment right now, they’re basically an overnight mask that makes you wake up with wonderful skin. It contains more active ingredients as it works overnight and goes deeper into your skin. The main ingredient, CICA (Centella Asiatica) is known for it’s healing properties and I must say I have seen it after a month of using it. I feel like my marks are fading and my skin tone is more even since using it. 

I have never really tried the Liz Earle products before, just the cleanser which I love but this paste is definitely a winner when you just want something that works overnight and leaves your skin hydrated and smooth.