On Wellness


I recently got a *wonderful* facial at Skinworks in London. I thought about it for a while and as they had a good January offer and my skin really needed it, I decided to treat myself.. But this post is not about my skin, it’s about wellness in general. It just got me thinking of what wellness really is and what it means to me. The first things that come to my mind are jade rollers, CBD oil, Goop, yoga and meditation but then I thought, do I really need those things to feel well?

Wellness is not about buying things that the industry markets as making you happier and healthier. I think it’s a journey that never ends, small things you do everyday that are contributing to your happiness and wellbeing. And it’s going to look different for everyone. Is it a moment off technology or a pilates class? It can be hard to find what works for you but, like I said, it’s a journey.

I am not saying that all these facial tools, fancy powders and other things aren’t good for you (I am the number one victim for those) but I think that relying on them to achieve a state of fulfilment is just not realistic. You can drink 50 CBD lattes a day and still feel bad about yourself. Self-care is so much more and so important on all levels of life, something that is widely-promoted but so neglected in the daily hustle and bustle.

A relaxed dinner with a friend, reading a good book in a café, going for a walk or listening to a podcast are all things little acts helping to achieve a state of happiness. And whilst I still love my CBD drops, maca powder, weekly yoga, I know that they are just little helpers to make me feel better and just following me on this journey.