New makeup

So this summer I went to New York and London. I know, not really summer destinations. I decided to buy new makeup products to get a bit more excited to get ready in the morning again. There are some products of which I have heard a lot of good things and I really wanted to test them. I am not a huge makeup person, I like it when it is natural and really easy to put on (I am not the best at doing my makeup either).

I think that you might have seen some of these products already because they aren’t really new. I have seen them a lot so I decided to give them a go and let me say I don’t regret buying them.


It cosmetics CC cream:

This one is amazing! I have heard so so much about it but I didn’t think that it would be that good. It makes your skin look really even and natural. It covers small blemishes and just makes you look fresh. I love it and I don’t wan’t to ever live without it again.

Benefit Hoola light:

Okay so I had the normal Hoola before but when I heard that there is a lighter one coming I knew that I had to get it. My skin is really light so often the normal one was too dark for a day to day basis. The lighter one is perfect for a natural makeup and I love it!

Glossier cloud paint:

I have it in the shade “puff”, a bright pink color. I normally don’t really wear blush because I am not really good at applying it. Sometimes I put on too much or then too little, I never manage to put on the right amount. But with the cloud paint it is really easy to apply it and it is like the other products really natural but it leaves you with a little bit of color in the face so you don’t look like you are going to faint.

 It cosmetics superhero mascara:

If you want a good mascara, I mean THE best mascara, this is the one! I always had the Lancôme Hypnose mascara that I really liked (I mean it isn’t bad) but then this one came into my life thanks to a little tester and I left the Lancôme one behind. It gives you instant volume and stays all day without smudging but it is very easy to take it off at night.

MAC retro lipstick:

I was at the airport to fly home from London and my plane was late so I thought why not go to the duty free and look a bit around (let’s be honest we all love duty frees). I was looking for a nice lip color to wear everyday and found this one. I immediately fell in love with the shade and it is also perfect for fall and winter so I had to buy it!