New Kicks

– V Is For Veja – 

If you know me, you will know that I love a good ol’ trainer. I just wear them everyday and I am definitely a sneaker over heel girl ( even though I am currently looking for a nice boot to wear this winter). I fell in love with these trainers at the first sight and immediately began to look everywhere for them. Switzerland, Amsterdam, Brussels,… and then finally London saved me once again. I found them at Liberty and yeah they were pretty expensive but not more than your average Nike ones (not saying that I don’t like them!). I just knew that I would wear them a lot and that they were worth every pound. Now a couple months later, still happy and loving them – it was definitely a good purchase.


Veja is a French ethical shoe brand, all the materials a sourced sustainably and environmentally friendly. They work directly with the producers and really make sure that the manufacturers work in good conditions and are treated with respect. They put all the money into the production of the sneakers and no costs go into advertising and marketing, the production may be more expensive but without these extra cots, they can keep up with the prices of other huge brands like Nike and Adidas. I love the whole philosophy and story behind this trainer, you know exactly what you get and where it is coming from, if you want to know a bit more, you can have a look here

The whole look of these sneakers is great, you can wear them with everything and they have this 80’s vibe which is totally my thing.They look a bit smarter than other trainers but are still really comfy. You can wear them a bit more casual with jeans and a sweater or more dressed up with a dress or a skirt and it will look fab either way. You can get them in  a lot of different colours but I think that this one is the original one. 

Trainers: Veja – Jacket: Levi’s  – Jeans: Levi’s ( similar) – Jewelry: Missoma