New Home 2

- Kitchen -

As I said in this previous post, I am going to make a series of different parts of my new home here in London. The flat isn’t that big but I thought that it would be nice to break it up in different rooms and really focus on one thing at a time. I am now living in this flat for three weeks and I love it so much, it just feels like home and so cosy (although it can get a bit cold – thank you for the isolation). But yeah everything is perfect and I am so happy with the interior. The flat itself is really simple and white so it was perfect for a new beginning and playing with some colours and patterns. I wanted it to be natural and simple but still cosy and special and I think that it went really well. The colours all work beautifully together and I feel like everything is there for a purpose, no unnecessary stuff lying around – well it is only the beginning and I know how everything will just add up as the time goes by,  ‘let me just keep this’, ‘oh maybe I need that for something in the future’ and before you know, you have a lot of things that you don’t need that just take up space.

Enough rambling, now onto the kitchen. As cooking is one of my favourite things, I wanted to have a nice kitchen where I can experiment and try out new things. I always wanted to have these glass jars and fill them with rice, noodles, oats,… so here they are. My goal is definitely to reduce waste and it will be a lot easier here in London than in Switzerland. I love the style of it and also that you don’t need any packaging, so win-win! The jars also add a bit of colour to the white shelves.

I obviously wanted my kitchen to look nice but the most important thing was that it stays practical and that everything is easy to grab whilst cooking. Nothing worse than having to look through every cupboard to find the garlic whilst your tomato sauce is burning and you are left with something burnt and but garlicky to eat. I opted for the basket solution, I love baskets and have them in the whole flat, big, small, high, low, every style and let me tell you they are the most convenient thing when you are looking for some storage that also looks good. I have one for all my oils and bottles of vinegar, one for the spices and a third for my towels – which by the way are amazing! Just look at these colours and they dry the dishes so well, because there are some towels that look good but are soaking wet after drying one spoon and nobody has time for that!

I love the top shelf, it has all my favourite cookbooks on it, can you tell I like the Deliciously Ella ones? – If you haven’t already, go and check her out, she is amazing and her recipes are great! Then I have my Chemex and Moka Pot there, I love how they look and I mean I need them for my coffee. Which brings me to the next thing I love, this coffee grinder from Bodum. What a relief to have one after having to grind the beans manually. I have probably built some muscle but I had the feeling to grind endlessly to make one cup of coffee so this one is a life saver – thank you mom for ordering it!

I feel like this post is never going to end but there are so many things I love. When I first came to see the apartment I immediately noticed the hooks on the wall and was so chuffed that I finally could hang things on the wall in my kitchen. I always saw these amazing pictures on Pinterest where they hung herbs and other things on these hooks and wanted the same. So I put some basil – already the second one because I put it on everything and to be honest I don’t have the greenest of thumbs. A wooden chopping board and other bits and bobs. 

TOWELS: H&M HOME – BASKETS: H&M HOME (here) and (here) – CERAMIC JAR: H&M HOME – JARS: IKEA – PINK JAR: IKEA – COOKBOOKS: Mildreds & Deliciously Ella – POSTER: Liberty – COFFEE GRINDER: Bodum – TOASTER & KETTLE: Amazon