Navigating This Chapter

It feels like we have just finished a book and had to start a new one. Starting from the beginning of the first chapter and not having read anything about what the book is about. Reading page after page not knowing what to expect. This whole situation right now is a new chapter of a book and we have to read more to get into the story and know what comes next.

There’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment and definitely a lot of anxiety. Not knowing for how long this is going to last is probably the worst. Even though I hate being stuck inside, I am still super lucky and grateful to have a garden, live in a big house and have plenty of food, I know that it could be way worse.

Sometimes I’m even thinking maybe this had to happen to slow everything down again and not take everything for granted as we did before the pandemic. Going to the shops was a chore, seeing friends for coffee was a habit and going outside for a walk wasn’t something you had to think about. It’s crazy how quickly everything changed, from one day to the other the whole world was upside down; from sitting in a café in Melbourne to being isolated back home in Switzerland with the family after living alone for almost 2 years.


We now have to take each day at a time and make the most of it. Wasn’t having more time on everyones wishlist for so long? Finally being able to read the pile of books lying on the bedside table, baking bread from scratch, taking time for a good skincare routine, tidying every cupboard, learning something new… Now is the time to do everything that has been put aside for years, maybe we should see this time as an opportunity instead of depressing quarantine. Sure it’s going to be a hard few weeks/ months but we’re all in this together and we have no choice, so seeing it as something positive instead of fully negative is definitely going to help. I’m not going to talk a lot more about it now as I think we‘re all hearing enough of Corona but if you want to see things to keep you busy and inspired during this time, head to my stories on Instagram where I’m going to share my favourite things everyday/ every other day.

Stay safe and positive, this is only temporary and when everything is back to normal we’re going to wish we had more time again. xx

JEANS: Levi’s – KNIT: Arket – BLAZER: Vintage – BOOTS: Dr. Martens