Monthly Wrap

- May 2019 -

You know how some months just don’t seem to go to an end and then it’s the 31st and you don’t know where the month has actually gone?! May was one of these.

The month started with a trip home and getting my hair done, I am always so happy with the result that I just don’t want to change my hairdresser. When I came back I bought my first proper espresso machine, the Sage Barista Express and I am chuffed. It is a tricky to get a really good espresso and I need to work on my skills but it’s fun and I love it.

It is a bit tricky to get a really good espresso and I need to work on my skills but it’s fun and I love it.

On Sunday 12th of May I went for brunch to Granger with Martine and Sandrine. I’ve met them both through Instagram and they are the loveliest girls! I’m so glad that I’ve met them and we had an amazing day walking around Notting Hill.

Then my brother came for an impromptu 2 days trip and we got on so well. Fingers crossed that the competition period is finally over and that we can now accept that we’re on the same level. We went to a couple of exhibitions, drinks and burgers in the evening. He isn’t the biggest talker which used to make me feel uncomfortable but I finally accepted that I am just asking questions and he’s answering. 

On Saturday I had the two girls over at my place, we had an amazing evening of drinking wine, eating prawn pasta and good chats. 

Another week, another day with Sandrine starting at my place for brunch before going to central London and browsing through the shops. In the evening we had an event about careers hosted by no other than the lovely Pandora Sykes. It was super interesting and these kind of talks always leave me feeling inspired. 

On the Bank Holiday Monday, we decided to spontaneously go to Brighton for a day. Breathing in some seaside air, feeling the pebbles under your feet and walking in the salty air. It feels great to sometimes get away from the London hustle and explore all the little shops in the seaside town. 

As I love reading what others are currently loving, I thought I would include some of my favourites of May.

LISTEN – Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum. Wow, this podcast is just the best. I laughed so much, it was so relatable and honest. Lizzie and Lindsey talk about Sex, Grief, Dating and Long Distance Relationships, including their own experiences. If you haven’t already, go and listen to it now.

Watch – I am a bit late to the party I know but I got really into Game Of Thrones. I watched the first season about a year ago and for no obvious reason, I didn’t like it. I now love it! Another TV show I started and really like so far is Dead To Me on Netflix. I can’t wait to watch the end.

EAT – I think I can safely say that Anna Jones has saved me this month, I have tried a lot of her recipes and I am always so impressed with how good they are. How does she come up with so many amazing dishes? 

Some of my favourite ones were definitely these Pea Fritters and this Halloumi Traybake – oh I wish I had it right now.

So here is my ‘not so little’ monthly wrap up. How was your May? What have you done?