Moments From Home #2

Even though this time is really hard and I have a lot of moments where I am feeling anxious and super lost, I also feel strangely inspired. I probably spend more time than ever on Instagram which I am telling myself is completely fine at the moment and maybe even helps to get ideas and feel more creative. Seeing so many beautiful pictures that aren’t as curated as they normally would be is so satisfying. People sharing their everyday life from home, no one is traveling or living a life you’re dreaming of. We are all in the same boat and everyone just sharing pictures from home shows that there is so much more around us when we open our eyes and decide to see beauty in the small things.

Bed with bedding undone
Bed linen checked
Alcohol bottles in sunlight
Upper body in gym clothes
Mirror selfie with shirt and jeans
Banana and peanut butter toast in sun
Blood orange toast in the sun