Mini Amsterdam Guide


I love Amsterdam. The city is so cute and you don’t really feel like you are in a city. Everything is so cosy and it feels like living in a doll house. Do I want to live there? No but I love staying there for a nice city break. There are so many museums and cute shops. If the weather is nice, just walking around is amazing. Here are some things I did whilst being there for four days last week.


Coffee Sometime – This cute café is interior goals. It is so minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. The chairs, the lamps, the colours, everything goes so well together. The coffee is great and you are guaranteed to have a great time whilst sipping on your latte.

Bocca Coffee – They roast their own coffee and are pretty famous in the coffee scene. A few cafés in London actually stock their beans and I really understand why. The place is pretty big but really cosy with sofas and chairs. They are pretty serious about their coffee.

Lot Sixty One – Another specialty coffee place. I just love to explore new coffee shops – it has become a slight obsession. The place is really small but so cute. A lot of plants and many locals meeting for a morning cup of joy, which I can tell you, really was a joy.

The Hoxton – Well, I think that you can never go wrong going to a Hoxton Hotel. They are all amazing and the cosiest/ coolest places you can go to. No wonder they are opening one after the other. The place is always packed and the vibes always amazing. The staff is great and no need to talk about the cocktails which are always on point. We loved the place so much we went three nights in a row, ordering nuts and olives with a bottle of white wine or a cheeky cocktail.

Foodhallen – This place is famous and I now understand why it is so appreciated by tourists and locals alike. It is basically a covered food market with different cuisines and a gin bar. If you go with a crowd, there is definitely something for every taste and you can sit down to enjoy your meal in a buzzing atmosphere.

Sushisamba – The first time I went to Sushisamba was for my 18th birthday in London. The sushi is the best I ever had and the other things are amazing too. It is on the steeper side and definitely something special. The food is so good and you will taste things you have never tasted before. The fish curry is a must!

Toki – Just go for the spoons and amazing coffee. It is the perfect weekend hangout. They also serve food which looked amazing. Probably my favourite coffee place in Amsterdam.


Rijksmuseum – If you are into old art and impressive paintings this one is for you. The entry hall is also worth seeing.

Stedelijk Museum – This one is for the modern art lovers. I loved how things were mixed and how you could see chairs exposed next to a famous Rothko painting.

Foam Photography Gallery – As I absolutely love photography, this one was one of my favourites. They always have different exhibitions with great pictures.

Anne Frank House – A must if you are in Amsterdam. It is so interesting to see the actual place where she has written her diary. It feels weird to actually walk around the rooms and think about how they lived there.

Van Gogh Museum – Van Gogh paintings are so unique and beautiful, if you like his art as much as I do, definitely worth a visit. You will learn so much about his life and see so many paintings that you have never seen before.


Things I Like Things I Love – A shopping paradise if you like clothes, candles, ceramics, jewellery and skin care. They carry pretty much everything I love and the shops are beautiful.

Nine Streets – There are so many different independent shops and you can realy spend a lot of time there going from one shop to the other, stopping at a café for a little break.