Even though this trip ended sooner than expected, it was still an amazing experience and probably life changing. I completely fell in love with Melbourne and Australia in general and will be back as soon as everything has calmed down again.

The Airbnb was my dream apartment and I would have moved in straight away, I stayed in the Collingwood/ Fitzroy area and pretty much spent the whole time there, not getting bored at all. One amazing café after the other, local designer shops and loads of vintage shops. I have never been to a place that was similar but immediately felt at home. And can we talk about how welcoming and nice Australians are?!

During my four days there, I just walked a lot, explored the area, discovered many new designers, ate the best avocado toasts of my life and had out of this world coffee. Sounds like heaven to me.

Unfortunately I had to leave on Monday as the situation changed way too quickly and the virus started to take over Europe. Although I was devastated and still can’t believe I had to cancel this trip, I had a lot of time to think about things and what I really want to do in my life. And I still had 4 amazing days that were totally worth the long journey.