Little Update

- & Other Bits And Bobs -

Hello you lot, I hope that everyone is doing very well and that you had a nice autumn/ winter so far. Mine was quite hectic and I am writing this post on a Sunday sitting in a café – which by now you know I love but haven’t done in what feels like ages.

So yeah, I am back after a – rather long – break. I wasn’t feeling like writing, to be honest, and didn’t have much time to do it either. I know you can always make time for things but sometimes there’s also a lack of inspiration.

After a little over a month of uni, I realised that it’s more work than expected. Don’t get me wrong, I really like it, it’s just about getting used to the new lifestyle. I completely forgot how stressful it can be to have deadlines and hand-ins, I have days where I am already longing for that wonderful Gap year, welcome back to reality.

Then I ventured North with Melissa, not Primrose Hill North. Liverpool it was and apart from freezing and not having heating in the Airbnb, it was really nice. We initially went to see the Keith Haring exhibition at the Tate – which by the way was great. We walked around, explored the city and went from coffee shop to coffee shop, trying to warm up. Liverpool is definitely a nice city but there was something missing.

Over the last two weeks, I have been temping at Sheerluxe again. Earlier this year, I had an internship there and have been there on and off since then. I love the team and I have learned a lot over the months. It’s super interesting to get an insight into how an online publication works and be part of it.

As it got colder and cosier, I also read quite a few books. And there are some seriously good reads on the list (coming to you very soon). Even though my pile of unread books is already way too big, I find myself wandering around bookshops at least once a week; probably spending too much time (and money) there but there are just too many good books waiting to be read at the moment.

And then I rewatched the whole Sex And The City series and I can tell you, it never gets old. The more you know the narrative (which I know inside out by now) the more you can focus on the clothes and everything else, which is great. Such an easy watch but oh so comforting after a long day.