Let’s Talk About Love

What is love? A question that probably no one has an answer to. Is it a feeling? An emotion? Can you control it? To be fair I have no idea.

I’ve recently watched Modern Love and well, I fell in love. So much that I had to buy the book and read even more stories. Even though they are super short, you get something to take with you at the end of each essay. Daniel Jones is convinced that love starts and comes with vulnerability, something I have never thought of before. Love is messy and not roses, champagne and red hearts, the messier it is the stronger I guess.

It doesn’t have to be romantic and there are so many different levels; the love for your partner, your parents, your friends, your dog, a new piece in your wardrobe or the flowers you just bought. They are not the same but they have one thing in common, messing with your feelings and your life. The more love you show the harder it can be but also the more rewarding it gets.

Love often makes us feel overwhelmed, at least for me. Feeling the need to be different to be loved or to act in a certain way to please someone else but that’s not love. Over the last few years, I have noticed that the strongest relationships in my life came when I least expected it. When I wasn’t worried all the time of what the person might think or whether or not she might like me. When things didn’t feel forced and there were no expectations at all.

Even though I don’t have a boyfriend or haven’t been in a proper relationship yet, I don’t crave it. I think that it comes when I want it to come and feeling pressured won’t help. I see dating like a chocolate bar, either you love it and then always buy it again or it tasted off, you finish it but never put your hands on it again even if you’re craving something sweet. Either a date is great or it’s not and therefore not worth going to a second one.

I’m not saying that love is that easy and I am still looking for my human Peanut Butter Cup that I haven’t found yet but I have other great loves in my life that are so much more important. I am so grateful to have so many amazing people in my life to love every day. My family and my friends are

To be fair, I wish that love was that easy. I am still looking for my human Peanut Butter cup but I have found some other great loves in my life that aren’t romantic but so important. And I am so grateful to have so many amazing people to love every single day and feel the love too.

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