Key To Save Your Skin

I remember the days with oily skin and a lot of little breakouts. To be honest, I didn’t really care about skincare. It was just too fussy and time-consuming to be bothered. A serum, what is that? A mask, oh just get away! A toner, is it something you can drink?

One visit to Kiehls when I was 16-17 and I am now obsessed with skin products and trying new things. But sometimes it’s nice to strip it back again and reach out for the good old products that have changed my whole skin. And this product never fails to reset everything.

So what exactly is a toner and why should everyone use one in their routine…

Toners can seem like a waste of money and just another useless step in your routine. I totally get why people are thinking that they don’t need them, I was part of that gang. Whilst there are definitely products that you can skip, I think that this toner is like liquid gold. It’s definitely not cheap but it works wonders and just look at those little petals inside, doesn’t it look wonderful?

Okay, now onto the real part; toners are basically the last step in your cleansing process. They help to get rid of that last bit of dirt that stays on your skin. They help to balance out the PH levels of your skin which can be a bit messed up with all the other products. Having the right PH helps to avoid oily skin. Toners are also super hydrating – make sure to use an alcohol-free one – and also help to reduce the size of your pores. Overall they are skin powerhouses and take no time at all.

This Calendula one from Kiehl’s has been my go-to product when I feel like my skin is starting to break out. It’s super gentle and hydrating whilst working wonders to make your skin smooth. It was the product that really helped with my oily skin that made me look like a frying pan.