Keeping Busy

I find that every week gets a bit easier and I have found some good things to entertain myself and avoid getting bored. I am still having Spring break so I am making the most of the time out of uni to do things I like and find a way to be creative. So here are just a few bits & bobs that kept me busy.

TVModern Love is such a good show. Beautiful stories all about love. The book is equally as good so once you’re done with binge-watching you can have even more stories. Grace & Frankie is also a super easy and funny show on Netflix. It just lifts up your mood straight away

FOODBon Appétit: I am obsessed with everything Bon Appétit. The YouTube, the website, their IG lives. Just give me all the content and I am happy to sit there for hours taking it all in.

BAKINGThe Anna Edit’s Vegan Cookies: I am not a good baker. It’s a fact! But I’ve been wanting to improve my skills and the first thing I made was these cookies. Trust me they are as good as they look.

MUSICHome Playlist: I made my own playlist with some – very – good songs.

HEALTHPsycle Lives: it’s my go-to studio when I’m in London. The yoga and ride classes are out of this world. Especially the Power Yoga with rise. Their IG Lives have saved me over the last three weeks. The Barre is the best way to get rid of all the energy accumulating during the day.

IG LIVE – There are so many live classes right now and it’s the perfect opportunity to try something new and get out of your comfort zone. Whether it is poetry, photography, cooking, drawing. There’s literally everything. I have done a photography one with Issy Croker And I’ve learnt so much. I also followed The Boy Who Bakes guide to make your own sourdough bread. I’ve made my starter and will bake my first ever sourdough loaf this weekend. Just keep an eye out of all the lives because they’re great.