How To Have A Great Start To The Day

The Perfect Morning Routine

I am definitely a morning person, I love the calm and to see how everything wakes up. During high school I didn’t have any motivation to wake up early, I hated everyday because I knew that I would be stuck in a classroom doing things that I didn’t enjoy. But now I got really into waking up early and taking the time I need to have a great start to the day. I find that having a morning routine is really helping me to be more productive the whole day. And I am convinced that what you do just after waking up is as important as how you sleep. Everybody can become a morning person, you just need to know how to get up and find things that motivate you to stop hitting that snooze button ten times. 

Wake Up Early/ Earlier

Okay I don’t mean 5 am every day, that’s maybe a bit too early. I tend to set my alarm at 6.30-7.00 AM which works best for me. You will think that waking up earlier will make you feel more tired but for me it is the opposite, the earlier I wake up the more energy I have. If you find it hard to wake up earlier try to set your alarm 5 minutes earlier every day and it will slowly add up without you noticing. And before you even know it you wake up at 6 am.

Have A Nice Breakfast

Yes you probably hear it all the time – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – well it is true, if you have a good breakfast you won’t snack so much during the day and also, who doesn’t like breakfast? The possibilities are endless! I am a huge breakfast lover and would eat it three times a day. At the moment I love a fresh bowl of fruit and homemade granola with some kind of plant milk or overnight oats. It is healthy and keeps me going until lunch. Try to plan your breakfast in the evening so you don’t have to worry when you wake up and you can look forward to it. Maybe it will help you to get out of bed just by thinking of it.

Make A List

I make lists for everything, and I mean everything, I find it so much easier to visualise what I have to do or what I need and then check off everything that I have achieved. Just make sure that you don’t add too much stuff to so you won’t feel overwhelmed,  know what you can do in a day and limit it to maybe five things, depending on how much time the tasks will take.

Have Some ‘Me’ Time

For me, this one is having breakfast on my own and enjoying the calm before everyone else wakes up. I like to go through Instagram or Pinterest or flip through a magazine. This time is so important whether you paint, do a crossword, or even talk to someone you like, it will help you to have a great start. Just do what you like!

Get Ready And Make Your Bed

I always make sure that I get ready as soon as I wake up or just after having breakfast. I know that if I don’t get ready soon after waking up, I won’t have a productive day and everything will just feel a bit ‘meh’. Also another important thing is to make you bed right after getting up. See it as your first task for day. It will also prevent you from going back for *just* a little snooze. Then it is ready and fresh fir the evening when you are tired from an awesome productive day.

Get Moving

I love to exercise in the morning. You will feel good the whole day knowing that you have done something for your health. If you struggle to find motivation, try to immediately put on your workout clothes so that there is no going back. As the day goes on you will be able to make more and more excuses so move in the morning then it is done. You don’t have to run a marathon, just get outside and go for a walk or do a quick yoga session ( I love Adriene on Youtube). Do something that makes you feel good.