How I Plan A City Trip


Europe is basically the dream to get around and see a lot of different cultures, architecture and obviously try different foods. Everything is really close and you can travel around without spending a fortune by following some easy steps. I love to plan little city breaks here and there to get out, see new things and get inspired by other surroundings. It can get a bit overwhelming though as there are so many things to think about before packing the suitcase and leave. Every city is different and it is easier once you are there if you plan a bit ahead, oh and you can actually make some serious savings by being prepared. As my mom is the travel-planning queen, I also asked her for some tips and tricks to have the best trip. So here are the combined go-to steps to have a stress free city break and how you can plan yours in the near future to make the most out of it…

Figure out where you want to go. Okay, basic but make a list of a few places you really want to visit. A good thing is to be flexible with your destinations as the prices always depend on the season, special events, holidays… When you have your list, start by looking for flights, I love EasyJet or Skyscanner to find cheap ones. GoEuro is also a great website to find cheap flights and train tickets.
Accommodation. Then before booking your flights, look for accommodations. Airbnb is always amazing and you can find very cheap places. Otherwise look for hotels, I like to have a look at all the options. Tripadvisor is amazing to read honest reviews. Then also make sure to check the hotel’s websites as it can be cheaper than on another site. They often have discounts if you stay longer. Also make sure that you are central, nothing worse than booking something and seeing upon arrival that you are far away from all the attractions. Then when you have found good prices and matching dates for the flights and accommodation, go ahead and book everything before it gets more expensive.
Everything you need to know. Now that everything is booked, the not so funny part comes; check the best ways to get around, if there are travel cards that make it cheaper than paying as you go, how to get into the city centre from the airport,… Citymapper and Google Maps are your best friends when it comes to travelling, making it really difficult to get lost. Just check everything, from the airport transfer to the best way to get around once you are there. I find the best way to explore a city is by walking around, ditch the sightseeing buses, you will see and experience so much more with your feet on the ground. Another funny way to get around is to ret a bike for the day. 
Plan. Finally onto my favourite part of the trip – when you don’t count the actual stay – plan everything you want to do once you are there, that is; exhibitions, museums, events, restaurants (especially brunch places), tourist attractions – make sure to buy your tickets in advance to avoid queueing and paying too much. Don’t buy city guides, you can find everything and much more online. Instagram has become my go to for this part, it is the best way to find out where the locals go and secret things to do, avoiding tourist traps and things that aren’t worth your money. Just scroll a bit and you will find so many accounts for every city, sharing the best places to go for brunch, dinner, exhibitions, chilling and also hotels. I have found so many amazing places through the app that I wouldn’t have found in guides or on the internet. 

I hope that this step to step guide is helpful for your next city break. Have fun planning and just be a bit prepared for the destination and the trip should go smoothly without any worries. Of course there can always be a bad surprise but at least you would have done everything to avoid any disaster.