Honey, Put Your Mask On

– Liquid gold –

We all know the Origins Active Charcoal Mask, it is amazing and works wonders but it can be very drying. As it gets colder, I need to put on more moisturizing masks and less purifying ones. But I finally found one that does both and it is great! No more choosing between moisturized or clear skin. The ‘new’ Charcoal Honey Mask from Origins will be your new go-to this winter and probably all year long. It will leave your skin clear and nourished at the same time which is what we are all looking for. Just beware, you might want to eat the whole thing as soon as you open the pot as it smells so good, I must admit that I felt a bit like Winnie the Pooh with his honey pot. It is like putting straight honey onto your face, so no complaints scent-wise. I have used it once a week and it has definitely become a new favourite in my routine, finally a nourishing charcoal mask that really does both.

Now a bit more about honey and why it is beneficial for your skin. I was vegan for the last few years but recently became a bit less strict about my diet – more about this topic in another post – so I incorporated honey back into my diet and oh I was missing something. I was never a huge honey lover but now I have become obsessed with it, I put it in my tea, on my breakfast and on my face. This liquid-gold is a wonderful thing for your skin and health. We have probably all made a DIY mask at home including honey, nothing wrong with that but it can get a bit messy and sticky. It is no wonder that more and more skincare brands include honey in their products. With its antibacterial, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties it can work wonders for all types of skin conditions. It will nurture your skin and might even help with acne. Eating it will not only prevent colds and fight allergies but also leave you with glowing and even skin, so one more reason to also incorporate into your skincare routine.