Half A Year


The 17th of this month has marked the 6 month anniversary of my move from Switzerland to London. I have no regret and still fall in love with this city a little more everyday. There is just so much to do and see, it never gets boring!

Have I missed home in the last few months? I can’t say that I missed home but I definitely had moments where I missed the people living there and the moments shared with them. Going for a coffee with a friend after a long day or for brunch on a Saturday. But I wouldn’t go back and haven’t even thought about it just a teeny tiny second. London just feels so much more like home.

I am still so grateful that I have this huge opportunity to live here and *fingers crossed* study here for the next few years.

I must admit that sometimes adulting is boring and can seem to take up your whole life. Getting an insurance number, paying bills, emailing people several times for the same thing and organize paperwork isn’t what you call funny. I often can’t be bothered to tidy the apartment or hoover. Washing clothes is a stressful task and cleaning toilets is annoying. And who would have thought that you could burn the inside of a kettle or that dust loves to make its appearance an hour after hoovering? But I guess these are the things you sign up to when you want to live alone. And I am more than happy to do these things and live on my own.

As I love being on my own, moments of solitude don’t come up very often. There are moments where I wish that I could just see a familiar face and hug someone. Making new friends in such a big city isn’t the easiest task but I have met some amazing people in these few months which I am so grateful for.

It is safe to say that I am not ready to leave any time soon and I can’t wait for my first Spring / Summer living in this city. Not freezing in my apartment is going to feel great.