Haircare Routine

I have been through a lot of different hair stages. Short, long, brown, fringe, growing-out fringe, blonde, very short. I am now at the point where I am happy with my hair. Light blonde balayage short bob.

My hairdresser always makes the colour look so natural and last for ages. So that even when it grows out it doesn’t look bad. She always works her magic and I never left the salon disappointed. I think that if you are looking to get lighter hair, you should spend an extra few pennies – pounds –  to make sure that it looks natural and doesn’t damage your hair too much. Here are my steps to keep my hair as healthy as possible and make the colour last.

So let’s start at the very beginning.

I wash my hair every second day and alternate shampoos. I use the Davines Nounou and this one from the new Kérastase blonde range. They discontinued the Redken Blonde Idol one which was my all-time favourite shampoo. So now I am in that stage again where I have to find one I love.

Then I use the Gallinée probiotic Scalp Serum once or twice a week. I love this product and will buy it again. As I love to take – unhealthy hot – showers I always try to rinse my hair with colder water at the end as it makes them look shinier and healthier. 

After the shower, I either use the blonde idol spray – using it sparingly to make it last longer – or this product from the Kérastase range before drying them with the hairdryer when they are just damp.

This hairdryer is a dream! My hairdresser swears on this brand and I completely get it now that I have got my hands on this one. If you want to invest in one thing for your hair, I think the hairdryer makes a huge difference. You know when you go out of the salon and think ‘wow my hair looks great and it seems so easy when they do it.’ Trust me, the hairdryer is the first step to great looking hair.

As my hair is naturally curly, I straighten them every day which we all know isn’t the best. After drying them I just take my straightener and quickly straighten the bits that need a bit of taming. Here you are, this is my hair routine which to be fair isn’t as elaborate as I thought it was going to be. Just a few simple steps to keep your hair as healthy as possible without putting too much effort into it.