Going wild

- The Famous Leopard Skirt -

You have probably seen this skirt all over Instagram and a million blogposts about it so here is another one, you’re welcome. I bought it back when I was in New York and I am so glad I did. I love how different it is from other leopard skirts because of the more orange-y colours and the length is perfect. It was the last one they had in-store so I was once again lucky.

I am not going to lie, I prefer to wear it without tights but when it’s cold you sometimes have to layer. I really like the look of it with a black sweater on top because it brings out the bright colours But I have worn it with a white tee and it looked great. Okay so I won’t talk too much about how to wear it and stuff because you have probably already seen all the combinations you can imagine and this skirt is and stays a piece that looks great with pretty much everything and anything. I have seen someone wear it with a red sweater and I absolutely loved it, so here you are, everything works. 

When I was in New York, I wasn’t sure wether to buy it or not, would I wear it? Is everyone going to have the same one? Winter is coming, how will I wear it in the colder months? Well my mum was with me and convinced me that I had to get it otherwise I would regret it, she was right! Anyone else always thinking a hundred times before buying something and waiting so long that in the end you can’t find your size anymore or it has sold out completely? It happens to me all the time, I just can’t decide in the moment and then I wander around the same piece again and again until I can’t have it anymore and then just regret it so much. Definitely a thing I want to change in the future – being able to make decisions. 

I currently have the same problem again but with boots, I have spotted three pairs that I absolutely love, one square toe vinyl boot, another snake print and one black boot that is really simple but perfect to wear with everything. Now the question is; which one should I get, should I get two out of the three or should I just wait, maybe there will be one that I like even more and take neither of the three? I know that in the end I will probably regret it but you learn from your mistakes right? (it seems like I haven’t until now). I will make sure to keep you updated with my choice, it will probably just take a little while until I have made the decision.

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