Glow In A Stick


Winter means dull skin, at least it does for me. As soon as it gets colder, I feel like I can just put anything on my skin and it is absorbed in a matter of seconds. My skin is not really dry but definitely dehydrated leaving it with an uncomfortable tightness. One more reason winter isn‘t for me, not that I really need another one.

I have changed my skincare routine and found a few products that really help to keep my skin as moisturised as I can – an updated skincare routine is coming your way soon! One product that I rediscovered was this Noni Glow Stick by Kora Organics. In short, it is glow in a stick giving you a hefty amount of hydration and acting as a natural highlighter. If you like dewy-looking skin, this product is a dream. You can glide it over the whole face, lips, cuticles; basically everywhere you need a bit of hydration. I personally wouldn’t slatter it on my whole face but I love to put it on my lips and the high points of my face for that extra glow. Oh and important: it smells divine.

It contains rose hip and coconut oil for hydration. Calendula extract and noni fruit are powerful antioxidants fighting against free radicals. It is the perfect product to put in your bag and apply throughout the day when you feel like your skin starts to feel dull and tired.