Gift Guide | Secret Santa & Other

So this gift guide is basically useful for everyone, if you are looking for a gift for a loved one or someone you barely know. There is something for anybody really , wether they love books, food, art or beauty. These gifts are all pretty useful and you can’t go wrong, there are no special scents or fashion items that are too over the top. Everything is pretty basic and good for any person. Just think about how many times you received something and had to fake your happiness and act like you love the gift whilst you are already thinking about how you can get rid of it in the nicest way possible? It happens a lot and I wanted to create a guide with a 90% ( hopefully 99%) chance of satisfaction. So I hope that you can find something for a secret Santa gift or just someone you don’t know that well. 

Organisation Freak
Foodie & Drinker

 – Borough Market Cookbook 17£
 – A Modern Cooks Year 17£
 – Ottolenghi Simple 15£

  • Cookery class
  • Something for kitchen
  • Snack Box Subscription (Sourced Box) 25£ month
  • Mixing Set 27£
Book Lover
Art Lover
Beauty Junkie
Sensible Nose
Fashion Lover
Health Conscious