Gift Guide| Him

As you probably can tell, I find it quite difficult to find the right present for guys without falling into clichees – which I probably did here and there. Wether it is a present for a good friend, a family member, your boyfriend or your brother, finding the right present for men is definitely hard. I have the feeling that they all have kind of the same interests; sports, tech and if you are lucky fashion. I mean there are a lot who are into art, photography, reading etc. but this year they just don’t make an appearance in my surroundings which made it quite hard to find the right presents. 


I think that you can never go wrong with something like the latest tech or a nice shirt. It is useful and easy to choose, you just need to make sure that the person doesn’t have it already. If you are into sports, have a look at tickets for a football match you can attend together or concert tickets are always a nice gift and will also guarantee some quality time together. I hope that even though this guide is quite basic you can find some inspiration for your Christmas shopping. 

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  • Football tickets
  • Concert tickets
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