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I love to buy gifts for my female friends, it is like buying the things that I would love to get but with having the joy to see the other person cheer up and be – hopefully – thankful and happy. I find that buying presents for girls/ women is the easiest thing. There are so many different things and I feel like women have more specific hobbies than men, I don’t know, at least it is like this with my friends. 

Wether you have a sister, your best friend, another family member or just someone you really appreciate, there is/ must be something in this guide. Beauty lover to foodie to bookworm. If you can’t find anything here just browse through the websites that I have linked and there is literally so much choice that it is impossible not to find the right thing. Or just check out this post to find more general gift ideas that could please anyone. 

Writing this gift guide was a bit like writing down my own wish-list. Remember when you are a child and you browse through all the Christmas magazines and make your wish-list to send to Santa? Well this felt a bit like that and I am not complaining, I loved to browse through different sites and think about what my female friends would love – or what I would love – and it was quite hard to not order something or everything for myself. 

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