Gift Guide | Grandparents

It can also get a bit tricky to find the right present for grandparents, especially if you are not so close to them. I grew up in another country than mine so I never had like Sunday lunch with them or just going over in the afternoon. I saw them every few months and then only for a couple of days in a row. I loved it though, spending a couple of weeks in the summer holidays with my grandparents, going to the zoo, swimming in the lake, going out for dinner every night and having barbecues with the family on a warm summer night. In the last couple of years I hardly saw them and find it hard to find the right presents. As they are getting older they have less and less hobbies and don’t want to do anything which is quite sad. So I find that buying them nice biscuits, chocolate or a nice bottle of alcohol is the best thing. They really appreciate to get things that they wouldn’t buy for themselves or that they just can’t get in Germany. There are a lot of grandparents that love gardening, golfing, cycling or baking/cooking so just get them something related to what they like.