Gift Guide | Father

Some years I have no idea what to gift my father and then there are years where I have a million ideas and just don’t know which one is the best. Well, it is one of those years where there is just too much. Not that he has a lot of hobbies or especially likes to do one thing, he lives for football, likes his negronis or g&t’s, recently bought a new Triumph which he is obsessed with – cleaning it after every ride even though he only takes it out from its cover on ‘there is not a cloud in the sky’ days – and he is a tech freak (TVs are his passion), which he would never admit. So there is a wide range of things to get him and other dads probably too. No real hobby but a lot of things that he likes which makes it kind of hard to find the right present that he will really appreciate and find a use for it. 

Here are some ideas for every kind of father, wether he likes cooking, tech, mixing little cocktails on a Friday evening or you just want him to dress well so you buy him a nice piece of clothing which will probably make yourself happier than him. If he does some kind of activity like golfing, running, photography, just get him something that can be useful for it. 

Bartender Dad
Tech Dad
Foodie Dad
  • Specialty Coffee
  • Nice Chocolate
  • Cookbook 13£
Neat and Organised Dad
Sport and Car fanatic dad
Wanna-be young and Cool Dad