Fall Mood

September means the ‘Back To School’ feeling is here and I get that little burst of motivation for the last few months of the year. It makes me want to reorganize my whole life and get everything sorted. So the last couple of weeks have been spent tidying my flat – who knew so many things could accumulate in just a year? I also got a little chop and I feel so much more like myself again, please remind me to go to the hairdresser sooner in the future! I also bought new notebooks and pens for uni and went a bit overboard at Wholefoods with snacks I can bring with me.

The excitement for uni hasn’t gone anywhere, even though it’s not September anymore and that motivation could have faded a little, I am still super keen to see what more is to come.

There is a downside though, with October sadly also comes Autumn and the eternally colder months. I love the start of Fall, the first few weeks where the weather allows you to start layering all your favorite clothes but then it gets colder every day, more and more grim. Blue skies have left with the sun and rain has come. As I am someone who’s really affected by the weather, I want to try to make the most of it this year. Enjoy the cozier months by sitting inside with a book and a nice warm drink. Walking in the parc, listening to a podcast with the low sun – if it is sunny – shining through the golden leaves, I mean it sounds beautiful.

Even though summer is over, I feel so inspired and motivated for the end of the year. A lot of fun planes have been made and I am looking forward to starting learning new things.