Extra Haircare


scalp serum? Seriously? I didn’t know that this was even a thing but apparently it is. And to be fair I thought that it was a bit of a useless extra. I haven’t bought it myself and probably wouldn’t have but nothing wrong with giving it a try right? I definitely see a difference in the appearance of my hair when using it. Is it essential in your haircare routine? – probably not. Is it a nice thing to add for extra shiny and smooth hair? – yes!

But first, let’s talk about the French brand Gallinée, who focuses on pre-, pro- and postbiotics in your skincare. Probiotics have become so popular in the health and wellness industry, in order to support your microbiome and have a healthy gut, you should – according to ‘health professionals’ – make sure to eat your yoghurt, drink your kefir and add sauerkraut to every meal.

You are probably wondering why someone would add probiotics into skincare as it won’t feed your gut. At least I was wondering. But after a bit of education, it made more and more sense. So here is why having pro- and prebiotics in your skincare routine is beneficial.

They feed your skin’s microbiome – your body’s healthy bacteria – and protect your skin against free radicals such as pollution and UV rays. They basically help to support your body’s healthy bacteria. So now, why add it to a hair product. Your scalp is your body’s thickest skin and works the same way as the rest. It produces sebum and can quickly become unbalanced, leading to a dry, itchy scalp. It just makes sure that your scalp’s microbiome is healthy and balanced to make your hair look even better. I also feel like my hair stays nice and fresh for longer and I can wash them very third day instead of every second when using the serum. So no more itchy, dry scalp which can lead to hair loss and unhealthy looking hair.