Different Experience

– How We Experience Things –

I recently got really inspired after talking to a friend about how everyone experiences things in a different way. Said like this, it probably doesn’t make much sense but let me explain.

Think about an object, anything really; a fork, a shoe, a mug, a flower, … Look at it and try to gather what you’re thinking, take into your hands and try to see what you feel. It may be smooth, sharp, too bright, small, … Everyone has their own opinion about every single thing on this planet. I can think something of one pair of shoes and the person next to me the complete opposite. It often comes back to the appearance of the item but there’s so much more to consider. When you think about it, we are all so different so it just makes sense that we have different thoughts about things. We’re all seeing the same things but our experiences are completely different. We don’t even know if we see the things the same way, we think we do but what if it’s just an assumption?!

I just found it so interesting to think that we’re all going through life, walking through the same streets, the same cities, into the same buildings. Looking up and seeing the same moon and sky. Reading the same books, articles, words. But how different it can still be. The same words can have a completely different meaning depending on the person reading them, depending on their past and what they have gone through, depending on their memories. We are all so unique and so are our experiences with day to day things. No one is ever going to have the same thoughts as you do; seeing everything in their own unique way.

I often find myself expecting too much of other people, expecting them to act like me but this will never happen. We’re all individual and acting the way we do because of what happened in our lives, because of our memories. No one is ever going to act the same way as another individual because of things that they’ve been through and based on previous experiences.

I am going to stop to bore you with this topic but here is a little reminder that next time something or someone bothers you, think of the fork that is maybe too big for you but perfect for the next person eating with it, that you choose to experience these things the way you do and that exactly these thoughts make you who you are.

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